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La maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand

The mission of Maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand is to support women and mothers who are victims of domestic violence or who are experiencing various difficulties, so that they reconnect with their potential and their skills to regain power over their lives.

The vision of Maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand is to provide safe accommodation and follow-up adapted to the needs of users and their children, by offering a diversified range of services that contribute to their well-being, and by supporting based on the philosophy of non-violent conscious communication and on that of egalitarian relationships.

Our values


By taking a benevolent and non-judgmental look at oneself and others, while offering attentive listening and a quality of presence that promotes a climate of trust and security. — Empathy guaranteed with compassion — Help and support with indulgence — Human approach worthy of mention.


By offering as women, employees and citizens, an approach that brings out the truth of being and helps to find the courage to be true to oneself. — Sincerity of feelings, veracity of our testimonies, honesty, integrity — Renunciation of our masks


Maintaining a balance between equality and justice. By promoting, through attentive listening and acceptance of differences, respect for others and for oneself towards our mutual needs. By creating the meeting point between the person and the mission of the Maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand. — Knowledge of issues and priorities — Win-win relationship — Networking of needs — Mutual respect


By taking responsibility for our actions and helping others to take responsibility for freedom of action and autonomy, which leads to independence and emancipation. — Involvement and commitment to the mission — Accountability for one's actions — Innovation and creation for beneficial interventions — Responsibility for self-assessment and self-improvement.

Notre équipe

A united team with a common goal

Many counsellors and agents work with Maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand. Below is a list of team members and their roles – please use it to contact the right person for your needs.


Our job offers

You don’t need to wait until a position is posted here to send us your resume!

Once you’ve uploaded your resume to our system, we will get in touch if your skills match an opening.

Thank you for your interest in Maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand.

Privacy policy

The data that you send us are and will always be handled in a confidential way. We will not disclose your identity to anyone. We will not sell or trade our list of candidates with anyone.

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