1. Preparation

    1. 01

      Prepare a bag without your partner’s knowing about it

      • Copies of your keys
      • ID
      • Cash
      • Driver’s licence

      Keep a suitcase, a box or a bag where you can retrieve it easily and quickly without your partner’s knowing.

    2. 02

      Hide the bag somewhere convenient in case you have to leave your home quickly

      • Easy to get to
      • Quick access

      Make sure your purse, wallet, ID, keys and other emergency items are in a place that is easy and quick for you to get to (known only to you) in case you need to leave your home quickly.

  2. Inspection

    1. 03

      Review and revise your plan regularly

      • Trust your judgment and intuition

      If the situation becomes very dangerous, you should think in advance about how to calm the aggressor.

      Always remember that your priority is your safety and the safety of your children.

  3. Entourage

    1. 04

      Tell your children about a meeting place where you can get together

      • A place they know
      • A place that is safe

      You can help your children get away by telling them of a meeting place where you can get together. Tell them to call 911 in an emergency (accidents, blows and injuries to them or you or if they feel they’re in danger).

    2. 05

      Share a password with your children that you can use in the event of danger

      • Change the password regularly
      • A character or show that your children like
      • Be creative

      Talk to people you trust about your situation. Agree on a password with them that you can use to alert them whenever you are in danger. Also agree on a password with your children to seek protection if violence breaks out.

    3. 06

      Go around each room in your home and imagine how you can escape from it.

      • Avoid rooms without an exit.
      • Avoid places where firearms are stored.
      • Find the best places to escape.

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